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Everyday people can get a makeover photoshoot, just like celebrities and models!  Vee Portraits makes it easy by providing you the team and magazine styled portraits!  During your consultation we talk about your hair and makeup to ensure your tastes and style come through! Don't know how to do your makeup? Not sure about your hair style either? No worries! During your consultation, I will learn about your preferences and comfort levels pertaining to different styles of makeup and the amount you are comfortable with.  You can go as light or as heavy as you've always dreamed of.  I will help you figure out your makeup and hair style.

Sophia Before and after
Busy mom of 3 taking a day for herself!
Sophia Before and after
Kahlan Before
Kaitlyn Before and after
Mom makeover Before and after
Fab 50's
Senior pictures makeover
Senior pictures
Maternity makeover
Soft glam before and after
Kpop inspired senior pictures
Plus size and beautiful
Boss woman before and after
Before and after
Men makeover
50's and fab
Before and after
Hmong clothes Traditional