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Her 46th birthday portrait session! A special self-celebration.

She wanted to celebrate her mid-40s as a time of wisdom and positive change. She came to celebrate all the experiences that had taken her to where she is today. It's her 46th birthday year. It is hard for some to say the number to themselves but Maysee says it with pride. A lot has happened in these recent years and it has given her a lot of reasons to reflect on the preciousness of life and who and how she chooses to be in it.

Read her words here and hear her speak about her experience in her behind the scenes video!

A Birthday Reflection

"The gift of aging has been wisdom, the ability to let go of things that used to keep me up at night, only to realize later that much of the problems were out of my control or that the key to progress is to simply keep moving toward it, period. I embrace the ever evolving self and at the same time, the steadfastness of my beliefs and values. I know that when others attempt to box my identity, it is more a reflection of their own limitations, insecurities, and discomforts, and not mine. Those who know me best understand the depths of my faith and love for family, friends, and community. I’m a believer of giving to the universe whatever talents we’ve been given and sharing knowledge and space with others.

As many of you know, I’m not typically a fancy kind of girl, but for this year’s birthday, I wanted to do something nice for myself for once, something different, something alter ego-like, something that celebrated me and that reflected the beauty I felt both on the inside and the outside, at this point in my life. I refuse to let the world dictate for me what a certain age should look or feel like. This photoshoot experience with Vee perfectly accomplished what I wanted it to do. She understood the assignment all the way down to the details of the color of my lipstick - I was amazed at how in-sync she and I were in telling the makeup artist what shade the lips had to be!

Thank you so much, Vee I am forever grateful for this experience that was more than just a dress up for a photoshoot. It was a making of a statement. It was a personal show of self-love and the blessings that come with aging. It was a demonstration of a love for life. It was an embracing of the beauty of both my strengths and imperfections. It’s an appreciation of the journey I‘ve been on thus far and has yet to come."

-Dr. Maysee Her

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