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The Vee Portraits Experience



We start with a consultation. 

It is a very important meeting where I get to know you better and learn about you.  We design your portrait session here.  We talk about outfit ideas, themes and your tastes.  If you do not have any idea where to start, do not worry!  The purpose of this meeting is for me and you to talk about it and find amazing ideas!  No outfits either? Do not fret! You also get full access to the exclusive studio wardrobe for multiple outfits!

A customized portrait session, fully personalized to your individuality.

Magazine style!  


On your photo shoot day,  you get to enjoy hair and makeup pampering to your tastes!  Outfit changes happen throughout the session.  We can usually fit in 3 looks!  Not sure how to pose? No problem! I will help guide you with posing and micro facial expressions that will make people stop and stare.  You will achieve natural and confidant portraits.

Your session is thoroughly prepared for you based on your style, preferences, personality, and needs.  

Design your portrait session with Vee Portraits!  We will talk about your style, hair, & wardrobe.  Not sure what to do? Lets get to know each other and figure it out!


Get pampered and feel like a star!

A team of trusted hair and makeup artists are assigned to give you a beautiful glow!

Hair & Makeup

Don't have anything to wear? Don't worry!

Get access to the exclusive studio wardrobe for multiple outfit changes!


Studio Wardrobe

Don't know how to pose? Don't fret! Vee Portraits will take the time needed to help you give rare face expressions & pose you like a super model.  

Full Posing 


Magazine style retouching.  Skin retouch that still looks like real skin.  If a few pimples, some stretch marks or etc is what's holding you back, don't worry!

Full Retouching

Private viewing of your portraits!  This is when you choose & purchase your images.


A photoshoot in Vee Portraits' private studio.  I will guide you with an eye to every detail to get perfect magazine portraits of you!

Photo Shoot

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